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Kookeez began about 10 years ago baking and selling what we call ‘people’ cookies. 

While at home recovering from elbow surgery (I broke my elbow in a bicycle accident a week or so before) my sister-in-law called to tell me about a market at the Arts Barn in Old Strathcona. She mentioned the organizer was despondent because the lady who agreed to bake and sell cookies at the market just cancelled and it was only two weeks away!

Feeling sorry for the organizer, I saw the perfect opportunity to help her and fulfil a lifelong dream of my own – owning my own business. I got the organizer’s info from my sister-in-law and signed up to sell cookies at the market.

The first thing I needed was a company name. I played with the word ‘cookies’ and came up with Kookeez. So, I immediately set to work getting cookies made and ordering supplies like, boxes, labels, business cards etc. all while going through physiotherapy for my elbow. 

Our cookies were such a hit at the market we sold out completely. We continued selling cookies for a couple of years and it was becoming more difficult to rent a commercial kitchen but it felt like something was missing. We wanted to make a difference and it felt like we weren’t contributing to a worthy cause.

Then, after hearing several news stories about tainted dog food and tainted dog treats, we discovered our cause. We had to do our part to help dogs get tasty, healthy treats. Since I already baked treats for my own fur babies at home, I made some to test at a few markets and they were a hit. From then on, Kookeez focused on baking healthy, tasty & chemical free dog treats. Our pups deserve them.

Kookeez treats are made with the highest quality ingredients and our processing has evolved to provide a longer shelf life without using chemicals and requires no refrigeration or freezing. We started out with three main flavors: peanut butter, pumpkin and oatmeal honey. Today, we have six flavors, including gluten free treats.

Two of our best-selling flavors, Mutts and our gluten free treats, were initiated from customer feedback. We encourage feedback because we know that’s where some of our best ideas come from, pups and pawrents. I always say, “we may make it, but with your feedback, we can make it better!”

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"Thank you secret Santa! This is so much yum! I'm gonna go hide my treasure now"

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